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Graphic Design Course

From hoardings and signages to product packaging, websites and mobile phone apps, the work of a graphic designer is visible everywhere. Good graphic design requires a strong background in visual arts, an eye for detail, and a keen sense of colour and composition.

The demand for graphic and web design skills is expected to grow at an exponential rate leading to a surge in jobs for well-trained graphic designers. If you are creative at heart and envision a future in design, this course can turn you into a professional. Learn to design graphics for websites, digital advertisements, marketing collateral, and more with Creative Multimedia’s Graphic Design Course.

Course Modules

Learn design & graphics for print and web media and create corporate video presentations

  • Fundamentals of Art and Design
  • Fundamentals of Color Design
  • Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
  • Digital Raster Graphics
  • Digital Vector Graphics
  • Print Media Design
  • Digital Illustrations
Digital Painting
Matte Painting
Page layout and Design

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