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Add ons at Creative Multimedia Media Academy - Dilsukhnagar

Foundation Classes

Creative Multimedia Academy’s students represent a broad socio-cultural diversity. It is not uncommon to find some of them initially wanting in one or more of the prerequisites of Multimedia/Digital Media. Creative Multimedia offers a range of foundation classes such as Drawing, Computer Fundamentals, and Spoken English in conjunction with the regular curricula to bring such pupils up to par with the class.

Seminars and Workshops

Creative Multimedia® has a tradition of complementing classroom learning with compelling practical advice. Knowledge-sharing and interactive sessions by industry professionals are a regular feature at Creative Multimedia Academy. These added inputs are sought to enrich student learning, expand their empirical knowledge, and empower their real-world perspectives and insights. These co-curricular initiatives ensure that the students are better poised for challenging professional careers in Multimedia.

Life Skills

Recruiting organizations look not only for outstanding skill-sets but also well-rounded personalities. To this end, Creative Multimedia Academy® offers its students Soft Skills Training and Interview Orientation sessions to make sure they reckon among the best choices for the choicest placements. Creative Multimedia Academy® is the first multimedia institute in India to appoint a full-time life skills faculty to help students improve their employability and career growth prospects.

English Classes

English proficiency is a powerful life skill with unmatched worth as it is the dominant language in the world. It is the primary requirement for many of the best opportunities in the global job market, especially in the digital media and entertainment segment. For most career aspirants, it could mean the difference between winning a job/promotion and being sidelined.

And it’s not just a professional necessity; it’s a great skill for personal enrichment too. English knowledge enables exposure to a vast amount of information as most of the rare, quality content worldwide, be it on the internet or in films, books and music are available in English.

Creative Multimedia Academy® provides training in spoken and written English as part of its multiple initiatives aimed at Enhancing EmployabilityTM of students. Creative Multimedia Academy® is the first academy in India’s Multimedia education sector to conduct English Classes as a core program, under the tutelage of an experienced, full-time, in-house faculty.

The classes are designed to help students of all levels gain command over spoken as well as written English. This affords career aspirants the opportunity to evolve into more well-rounded talent and qualify for the best opportunities in a job market that is placing increasingly importance on English skills.