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Thanks for your interest in our student candidatures.

We understand that as a recruiter, you risk your company’s time and other valuable resources scouting for optimal hires in a job market flooded with fresh talent. At Creative Multimedia® we are committed to making your job easier and more effective by enabling access to top talent and interview facilities every season.

Placement Preparation

Focused on Enhancing EmployabilityTM, we work with you to understand your company’s talent needs and strive to bolster the training programs accordingly. We combine up-to-date learning programs with industry-grade infrastructure, life skills training, and value-additions to produce well-rounded students with a strong academic grounding and work ethic.

If you are a new recruiter, you may be glad to learn that our signature initiative Our Campus-Your Interviews® offers you a spacious, full-spectrum, on-campus interview facility replete with reception service, interview rooms, LCD projection halls, testing facilities with industry-grade machines, and more. We welcome requests for a facility tour.

Heres why you may wish to consider us for your next campus placement session:

  • 250+ recruiters including top MNCs trust us for their hiring needs

  • Our well trained students attract recruiter interest from 25+ industries

  • Experience hiring ease and efficiency with “Our Campus Your Interviews”

  • A large pool of work ready candidates across multimedia disciplines

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