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About the book “Exciting Careers in Digital Media”

One of the fastest selling and highly recommended book on digital media careers in the world.

Digital Media and Entertainment (DME) is a promising field with scores of career options. Choosing one can be overwhelming, especially because there is no book or resource anywhere in the world that offers authoritative and comprehensive information on
the full range of career pathways.

The book “Exciting Careers in Digital Media” addresses this gap perfectly. The book is published by Creative Multimedia, India’s largest digital media academy focused on Enhancing Employability for 25 years now.


The book has come in for extraordinary praise from diverse and eminent quarters of the AVGC (Animation, VFX, Gaming, and Comics) field and related sectors. Read on…..

“This book effectively addresses one of the big challenges that young multimedia career aspirants in India face today – the lack of a comprehensive knowledge resource to understand and evaluate the gamut of options in this industry. It is heartening to see that great efforts have gone into compiling this book. This book will serve as a storehouse of information and guide students in their professional as well as personal journeys.”

Rajiv Chilaka

Founder & CEO, Green Gold Animation
President – TVAGA (Telangana VFX, Animation and Gaming Association)

“It’s truly commendable that my friend RajaSekhar hit upon the idea of producing this book in India. The fact that he took great pains and invested extraordinary efforts in compiling this career guide so beautifully is a matter of immense joy. Sans any compromise, commissioning such fine illustrations and publishing the book with a level of design that matches international standards is indeed admirable. All this is not just surprising, it also makes me feel so very happy. And I wouldn’t be exaggerating one bit if I said that this book will remain a milestone in the history of the Indian animation industry. Excellent work RajaSekhar!”

Dheemant Vyas

Chief Creative Director, Byju’s, Bengaluru

“Exciting Careers in Digital Media is the perfect guide for the young, aspiring artist in the digital media and entertainment industry. It provides great clarity on the many jobs within each of the sectors, the pay scale ranges, and all the steps and skills needed to enter this field. The illustrations accompanying each job title are not only delightful but provide a visual reference to help a student understand each of these creative jobs. It will help in selecting a career and choosing the best educational pathway.”

Alan Phillips

Founder & President, Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts), Vancouver, Canada

“Visual Arts is witnessing ever increasing areas and levels of specialization. Artists across all genres of computer graphics will be challenged to perform highly specialized tasks that are necessary to produce the most complex stories and bring them to life. Every frame in an animated movie or series will have over thirty different skill sets that play a part in its creation. The same applies to VFX and games, and AR and VR. We need our top-tier talent to be groomed in each of these disciplines as we have done with such passion and investment at Technicolor Creative Services India. RajaSekhar has mapped the entire digital media landscape and decoded all of the constituent parts by each discipline and each skillset within it and this is the comprehensive exposé he has painstakingly authored as the primer to help industry decode what they need in order to produce world-class content. I congratulate RajaSekhar Buggaveti for this book on the careers in our industry! This brings home the plethora of jobs that artists can consider and pick what best suits their aptitude. I know this will foster greater depth and will greatly benefit academia-industry collaboration.”

Biren Ghose

Chairman, CII Animation, VFX, Games & Comics Committee; and Country Head, Technicolor India, Bengaluru

The book helps you match your strengths, skills, and interests with available job options.

This indispensable book consolidates all the key disciplines of the DME sector to provide comprehensive coverage of careers in Filmmaking, Animation, VFX, Gaming, Graphic Design, Web and Mobile Design, and Digital Marketing. The book covers 72 skill sets straddling seven verticals.

“I’ve known RajaSekhar for the last 20 years of my professional life, and I’ve seen how dedicated he is to creating a community and imparting knowledge to it. He has been a pillar and laid the foundation for many outstanding artists who have emerged as leaders in the Indian animation industry as a result of his intention, drive, and industry knowledge. He has proven that he is extremely dedicated when it comes to community development and prioritises it in both good and bad times. The book which he wrote, created, and produced, serves as a personal guide for CG artists with industry experience who want to change careers or accelerate their professional progress by understanding their past, to create awareness of the present, and planning for the future. It does this by helping newcomers assess their aptitudes and identify career choices that correspond with their interests and skills.”

Saraswathi Vani Balagam

Founder & Creative Director –
Dancing Atoms

“Hey RajaSekhar, what a wonderful creation and expression of your decades of education experience! You have been able to articulate the education and skills combined learnings converting into great career options in this book. I am quite sure that it will be a life-changing tool for all creative youngsters to map their learnings and interests to the right job profiles. Your in-depth research and wisdom is felt all through this book. Jai ho.”

Ashish SK

Animation Guru & Founder,
Punnaryug Artvision Pvt. Ltd.
Chairman FICCI – AVGC

“Mr. RajaSekhar Buggaveeti is one of the early educators who were actively involved in successfully adapting and developing industry-focused training methodologies in Multimedia. His decades of experience as an educator and his understanding of the industry reflects in this book. It surely is a unique guide to the vast and fast-evolving world of multimedia which includes animation, gaming, and visual effects. I feel it is a must-read for students and for those who are trying to understand the field of multimedia as a career option in India.”

Sanath PC

Co-Founder & Director,
Firefly Creative Studio Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

“I wish to congratulate Mr. RajaSekhar Buggaveeti for creating such an informative book. It is no doubt a masterpiece and a must read for all aspirants considering any sort of career in the Media and Entertainment Sector. I really appreciate the in-depth research highlighting every minor detail. The book covers not just the most in-demand opportunities but also wide range of future requirements in the dynamic digital media and entertainment industry. I wish him all the best and will really like to see this in the library of every institution, and if possible in multiple languages so that it can be read by all and everyone.”

Mohith Soni

CEO – Media & Entertainment skill council, New Delhi

Multiple editions to make it more accessible

“Exciting Careers in Digital Media” is available in English and Telugu with the Hindi edition also in the offing. The English edition was launched by Sri K.T. Rama Rao, Hon’ble Minister for IT, Telangana, while the Telugu edition was launched by Smt. Kavita Daryani Rao, Vice Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU).

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“This book ‘Exciting Careers in Digital Media’ is just awesome. Bringing out such a book on digital media is not a small thing. It clearly shows Rajasekhar’s decades of hard work. His commitment to the subject is matchless. One can find everything one wants to learn on digital media in this book.”


Cartoonist (Ex. Eenadu), Hyderabad

“RajaSekhar has put together comprehensive information that is a great resource for career aspirants. He has delivered the information in concise, structured chunks that are logical and in an effective, easy to absorb format. The book reflects his years of experience in this field and also his commitment in sharing it. A must read for aspirants and their parents.”

A.R. Seshaprasad

Head of Studio (India) – DNEG, Mumbai

“Shri RajaSekhar, a fellow traveller of AVCG movement in India has quietly created a revolution by penning his debut book ‘Exciting Careers in Digital Media’. I was happy to receive the complimentary copy from dear RajaSekhar and amidst my bustling schedule of setting up NID AP, I managed to run through the book and it is indeed a much needed one for scores of our young career aspirants. This book is going to be a pathfinder for many young unsung talents from India for the world. I wish this book will inspire many of us to pen our own textbooks for India, from India, and by India. I wish RajaSekhar and his dreams to grow with good health.”

Prof. Sekhar Mukherjee

Founder Director, NID, Vijayawada, AP

“This is a much needed initiative to help budding animators as well as industry practitioners to get to understand the possibilities, potential opportunities, and offerings available in the wide area of creativity and entertainment in our country. I understand it is a humungous task to document an ever-changing and dynamic industry where there is no static, uninteresting moment. I heartily congratulate RajaSekhar for this pioneering service to help our industries grow with the knowledge and essential information about the available resources as well as the markets. I sincerely hope it will help all to network, collaborate, and co-create.”

Suresh Eriyat

Founder & Creative Director, Studio Eeksaurus, Mumbai

A bestseller in its category

The book has been reviewed in popular mainstream publications in English (New Indian Express) and Telugu (Eenadu, Sakshi, Andhra Jyothi). It is drawing strong interest not just from students but also recruiters, professionals, academicians, educational institutions, and industry bodies across media and entertainment.

“In the new and rapidly growing fields of animation, multimedia, and vfx, the possibilities for careers are many and they are exciting. Unfortunately, they can be just as confusing to young people who are standing at the starting point and need to make informed career choices. The book fulfills this need and makes available information at your fingertips. I commend Sri Rajasekhar for putting together all career options in a very interestingly presented manner. All his years of experience in the industry are reflected in this wonderful compilation. I am sure this will be a wonderful resource for youngsters and their parents to understand this amazing new digital field.”

Prof. Dr. Kavita Daryani Rao

Vice-Chancellor, JNAFA University, Hyderabad

“This is a virtual compass for budding creative artists expecting professional guidance on which career pathway to choose and how to go about it. With close to 70 job roles across 7 creative arts specializations, this book pretty much covers every possible opportunity in multimedia. It’s a valuable resource for freshers and also for young experienced professionals exploring better career options in the fast growing digital media and entertainment industry.”

Srinivas Mohan

Founder & CEO, Indian Artists Computer Graphics, Chennai

“Firstly, kudos to RajaSekhar on realizing his vision of providing a rich resource on career information to young students. I think the book ‘Exciting Careers in Digital Media’ has turned out really well. It touches upon a wide range of career options in the AVGC sector and associated fields. The best part for me is the balance of text with detailed, customized visuals. Half the story is told right there! In addition, the useful insights into a student’s journey, the homage to past pioneers of the field, interesting trivia, and breaking down of technical jargon – all of it makes this a valuable, wholesome resource for students.”

Vaibhav Kumaresh

Founder & Director, Vaibhav Studios, Mumbai

“Great book! Will be very helpful for people to map their strengths to appropriate careers in digital media. And a future career roadmap along with expected salaries – digital career bible. Well done Rajasekhar!”

Ashok Atluri

Managing Director – Zen Technologies, Hyderabad

“This is a must-read book which throws light on the world of digital media, arts, and animation. It offers deep insights for arts students to make professional choices and pursue meaningful career paths. This is a brilliant resource for creative talent and the VFX/animation industry as a whole.”

Praveen Kilaru

Executive Producer, Digital Domain, Hyderabad

“Mr. RajaSekhar always amazes me, and I was completely surprised when he showed me this book. Fantastic coverage of all career options in all the creative fields. For anybody interested in making a career in creative industry, this book solves the biggest problem of not knowing all the options as it beautifully and carefully summarizes it all.”

Rajat Ojha

Chief Executive Officer, Gamitronics, Hyderabad

“This is a one-of-its-kind book in India. After going through it, the first question that springs to mind is -‘Why hasn’t anyone thought of bringing out such an essential guide for over two decades now’? This is a great contribution to the industry in general and youngsters in particular.”

Challagulla Narasimharao

Writer and personality development expert, Hyderabad

“Be Aware of Your Choices – They Make Your Life. Your life is your life. You can choose who you want to be. Good choices are decisions that keep you heading in the direction in which you want to go. Before you choose your career in creative multimedia/animation or VFX, this book is a must read which is a wealth of information – everything you need to know before you make your choice.”

Srikanth Pottekula

Founder & Managing Director – Discreet Arts, Hyderabad