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Architectural Visualization Course

This is an advanced, job-oriented course that facilitates comprehensive training in all aspects of Architectural Visualization. The course aims is to make participants industry-ready by providing a strong grounding in the fundamentals and techniques of Architectural visualization while facilitating training on the latest technologies and tools used in the Architectural Visualization process.

Course Modules

Learn to design and visualize. Understand the concepts of Architectural Visualization.

  • Fundamentals of Art and Design
  • Fundamentals of Colour and Composition
  • Fundamentals of Digital Graphics
  • Raster Graphics
  • Image Editing
  • Digital Painting
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Audio and Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Portfolio

Learn to model sets using Computer-Aided Design (CAD), 3D Layout, Materials, Textures, Camera Animation, Lighting and Rendering.

  • Modelling
  • Materials
  • Shading and Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Camera Animation
  • Lighting and Rendering
  • Visualization
  • Portfolio

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