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What is Illustration?

Career programs and the best graphic design institutes in India for aspiring illustrators.

Illustration is a drawing or sketch created by hand using a digital tool, an instrument, or a medium (charcoal, graphite, etc). Illustrations are used in visual communication to convey a message, idea, or concept. An integral aspect of graphic design, they are used to complement and enhance the overall visual appeal and effectiveness of various design works.

Best multimedia colleges in India

Illustrations are created by professional illustrators. Their job is to conceive and generate original drawings for use in various mediums such as websites, applications, artworks, advertisements, brochures, catalogs, posters, newspapers, magazines, books, packaging, greeting cards, invitation cards, storyboards, and games. Illustrators harmonize traditional artistic skills, encompassing drawing and painting, with proficiency in digital art using tools like drawing tablets and illustration software. The artworks crafted by illustrators are then handed over to graphic designers, who incorporate these illustrations into layouts.

While some illustrators secure salaried positions, others opt for self-employment, functioning as freelancers. The majority of these creative individuals build their careers within advertising agencies, publishing firms, comic book publishers, animation and film production studios, medical animation companies (medical illustrators), or educational institutions focused on the arts. Passionate illustrators enroll for professional training at the best multimedia colleges in India before seeking placements.

Illustrators must possess these traits and credentials to qualify for a job:

  • A passion for art and related fields
  • Proficiency in both traditional and digital drawing techniques
  • Acquaintance with the nuances of the creative process
  • Research, communication, and teamwork skills
  • Creative mind, perfection-oriented with keen attention to detail
  • Deadline-driven| Abreast of the latest trends in design
  • A degree in Fine Arts, Graphic Design is an advantage
Degree course in graphic design

Illustration skills may be acquired through professional training. One may pursue a diploma or degree course in graphic design, fine arts, visual arts, or related disciplines. Gaining familiarity with standard illustration software, such as Adobe Suite (including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Animate CC), Affinity Designer, Corel Painter, and ArtRage, is crucial. Enrolling in structured courses can assist in refining drawing skills to meet a high professional standard, thereby preparing candidates for diverse opportunities in advertising, publishing, animation, VFX, gaming, design, and other fields.

degree course in graphic design

Illustrators are in good demand with major job opportunities in creative agencies, CG studios, publishing houses, comics companies, and large corporates. Passionate and talented illustrators enjoy good career advancement prospects. In large organizations, the typical career progression for an illustrator may go this way: > Junior Illustrator > Senior Illustrator > Visualizer > Art Director > Creative Director.