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What is Stereo Paint?

What is the role of a stereo paint artist in the VFX pipeline and what are the best VFX courses in India to receive training in this discipline?

Stereo or 3D stereoscopy, in VFX terminology, encompasses the separation of the left and right eyes for viewing, elevating the film-watching experience with specialized glasses that provide a sense of 3D depth. In the realm of stereo paint artistry, the tasks closely parallel those of regular paint artists, with the key distinction being the need to work on the left and right eyes separately for cleaning up or painting objects in a stereo film. This process entails utilizing specialized tools tailored to the unique demands of this workflow. Much like their counterparts in traditional painting, stereo paint artists play a crucial role in the VFX pipeline, navigating a dynamic and thrilling work environment.

best VFX courses in India

The qualifications and traits required to become a VFX artist include a love for filmmaking and VFX; familiarity with clean-ups and paint techniques; understanding of stereo workflow and the VFX pipeline; attention to detail; knowledge of photography and digital manipulation; artistic talent with an understanding of composition and colour; ability to work long hours under pressure and meet deadlines; good communication, interpersonal, and teamwork skills; problem-solving abilities, prioritization, and multitasking skills; and eagerness to learn new applications and stay updated on trends.

Skill development is a key part of the career building process. Working knowledge of VFX-related software is required to be technically and artistically proficient. Compositing software like Blackmagic Design Fusion and The Foundry Nuke is equipped with tools essential for stereo clean-up. Photoshop is also integral in the pipeline for creating clean-plates and paintings.Updated VFX animation courses, in filmmaking, media and entertainment, or related fields serve as a robust foundation, imparting essential job skills and knowledge.

Training institutions across India offer a range of short term and long term multimedia courses across animation, VFX, Gaming, and Design disciplines, including diploma, certificate, degree, and PG courses. Amongst the popular ones is the BA (Honors) Visual Arts – Animation & VFX.

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Post training, students will have achieved the competence required for a job. Campus placements are a common feature among the top VFX institutes in Hyderabad and other cities. A compelling showreel showcasing your best works is paramount for impressing potential employers. Additionally, a professionally written resume and a tailored covering letter that effectively highlight your work skills and convey pertinent information are vital in transforming opportunities into job success.

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Artists can look forward to swift career progression as they gather experience. The stereo paint pipeline, being relatively compact, often sees artists transitioning between normal roto and stereo roto due to their analogous workflows. Junior stereo paint artists typically commence their careers working on simpler footage, creating basic mask shapes based on depth or as per briefs, forwarding them to other departments. Starting as a junior stereo paint artist, one can progress to become a senior paint artist and ascend further to secure a promotion as a VFX compositor.