What is Storyboarding?

All you need to know about storyboarding and why it is imperative to choose the best fine arts college in India or abroad to ensure great training and a thriving career.

In a nutshell, storyboarding serves as the visual interpretation of a story or script. Storyboarding is done by professional storyboard artists who enter the field after pursuing a fine arts course or an animation degree program. Storyboard artists are adept at transforming the written words in a script into a visual narrative, which serves as a reference for all members of production teams working on various media projects like feature films, television shows, advertisements, corporate films, and video games. Utilizing both traditional hand-drawing skills and digital drawing tools, these artists create illustrations to convey scenes, encompassing backgrounds, characters, props, and other elements. Additionally, storyboard artists may also play a role in story development and pitching concepts to producers and directors.

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Storyboarding requires a range of versatile skills and traits including an understanding of the principles of filmmaking; drawing and visual communication skills; familiarity with digital drawing tools and software; basic knowledge of cinematography and camera perspectives; exposure to art, theatre, cinema, or photography; teamwork skills; and meticulous attention to detail. The subject knowledge and work skills may be acquired by pursuing professional animation courses offered by top animation schools in India.

Although there is no standardized graduate program dedicated to storyboarding, employers typically favour candidates with a diploma or degree in fine arts, visual arts, or film-related fields such as animation and VFX. Taking classes and participating in workshops can help you gain a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of this craft and refine your storyboarding capabilities. It’s crucial to learn and become proficient in at least one of the many storyboarding software options available, such as Adobe Photoshop Storyboarder, Toon Boom StoryBoard Pro, Animate CC, or Krita.

After completing training, most candidates apply for a job while some choose the entrepreneurial path and set up their own studios.  For job aspirants, an outstanding portfolio that effectively showcases your aptitude for visual storytelling is essential.

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The career trajectory of a storyboard artist largely depends on the studio and the individual’s proficiency. New talent can enter the industry at an entry-level position as an apprentice or junior storyboard artist, or they may secure the title of Storyboard Artist directly. With experience, storyboard artists can advance to senior roles, including positions like Art Director, Creative Director, and Producer.

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The industry is quick to spot good talent. Deserving candidates attract high salaries with excellent growth prospects as storyboarding is a critical part of animation and filmmaking. Exceptionally talented storyboard artists with extraordinary talent are in great demand in the industry and they often command very high salaries.