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Previsualization (Previz)

The importance and potential of previz as a career pathway; do the best animation courses in India include previz learning/training?

Previsualization, commonly referred to as ‘previs’ or ‘previz,’ stands as an indispensable skill within the film production process, aiding directors in planning sequences and camera work well before principal photography begins. Previz artists collaborate closely with layout technical directors (TDs) and the director, maintaining regular communication with production management to ensure deadlines are met. This practice extends beyond films and is employed in various industries such as games, theme park rides, short films, and advertisements. Its benefits are vast, as it helps identify and resolve narrative inconsistencies while significantly saving time and money. During the production phase, previz artists support other visual effects (VFX) artists in maintaining a cohesive visual style.

Best 3D animation courses in India

The key skills necessary to become a previz artist include proficiency in digital art and animation; modeling, rigging, and character animation expertise; fundamental knowledge of cinematography, continuity editing, blocking, and scene-staging; understanding of camera specifications, film terminology, and storytelling conventions; patience, concentration, and keen attention to detail; expertise in software tools such as Maya, iClone, ShotPro, Adobe Photoshop, and Substance 3D Painter; and strong communication skills.

Apart from subject knowledge, prospective employers typically favour candidates with formal 3D animation training or practical exposure to the 3D generalist field. To excel as a previz artist, pursuing a professional diploma or degree in fine arts, digital arts, computer animation, film and television production, or related disciplines is advantageous. Gaining technical and artistic skills through internships or work experience is also crucial.

3D animation training

India has some of the best animation and fine arts training institutes. Passionate students looking to build a strong foundation in previz must target the best course in animation field or previz-related disciplines for optimal learning outcomes. Once training is completed, candidates will be equipped for a job in the industry. When applying for a job, one must ensure a robust portfolio demonstrating proficiency in digital art/animation and highlighting experience in modeling, rigging, and character animation. As for the resume and cover, emphasis on the relevant skills and experience that align with the requirements while distinguishing one’s self from other applicants is key.

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A typical career path in this field involves progressing from Previz Artist/Layout Artist to Senior Previz Artist, Previz Supervisor, and eventually Layout Technical Director. A career as a previz artist holds significant potential, requiring a blend of technical prowess, artistic finesse, and effective communication. Pursuing formal education, ideally at a top animation institute in Hyderabad or at other training hubs in the country followed by continuous refinement of one’s skills will pave the way for a fulfilling journey in this dynamic field.