What is so special about the short films made by the students of Creative Multimedia?

Watch the full reel comprising 3D animation, and VFX short films on the official YouTube channel of Creative Multimedia – the best multimedia college in Hyderabad.

Firstly, the very fact that the short films are made by students is commendable. The high quality of these creative works is another remarkable aspect.

Best multimedia college in India

These films are hugely popular online and have attracted the attention of audiences worldwide. Many of them are a rage on YouTube, particularly ‘Cecelia – The Balcony Girl’ and ‘Feel the Punch’. This is something truly special about these videos made by students of the best multimedia college in India.

Cecelia and Feel the Punch are award-winning films that have taken YouTube by storm. While ‘Cecelia the Balcony Girl’ has garnered an impressive 13 million views to date, ‘Feel the Punch’ has attracted a staggering 32 million views; big numbers, considering these are student works.

All the students’ works are hosted on the official YouTube channel of Creative Multimedia. What’s admirable is that Creative Multimedia’s YouTube channel has 1,91,000 subscribers and has garnered a staggering 4,85,86,084 views (as of 9th August 2023). And there are about 62 films/videos on the channel. These include high-definition 3D animation, VFX, and VFX+live-action shorts.

The list of high-definition 3D animation shorts on the channel include: Cecelia the Balcony Girl, Feel the Punch, Twisted, Bee in the Bonnet, Yugapurushudu, Hugo Vs Lino, The Frog’s Day Out, Cease Hunt, and Predator. All these interesting films were crafted by Creative Multimedia students who pursued a range of diploma and degree courses in animation at the institute.

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Creative Multimedia’s YouTube channel also features many VFX short films created by students. Some of the VFX films on the channel include Oh No! and a video featuring the CEO of the academy walking with his pet – a leopard (CG) on the campus. These works were created by students who pursued their diploma and degree courses in VFX at the institute.

Best multimedia college in Hyderabad

What makes these films by creative multimedia students even more special is the fact that their collective presence on the YouTube channel has generated a record number of eyeballs and subscribers. With the channel subscriber base crossing the 1 lakh mark, the channel has been awarded the ‘Silver Play Button’ by YouTube.

Creative Multimedia is the first Digital Media Academy in its category in India to receive the ‘Silver Play Button’ from YouTube. This award reflects the immense popularity of the shorts featured on Creative Multimedia’s YouTube channel.

Creative excellence and high production standards come together in these story-driven creative works of art. The channel’s brilliant content is testimony to the training excellence that has made Creative Multimedia the best multimedia academy in Hyderabad.