What is 2D Background Art?

How to make 2D background art a profession and why it makes sense to target the best animation institute in Hyderabad or other top animation training hubs in India?

In 2D animated films, the background is one of the most important assets which are created by background artists. 2D background artists are responsible for the conceptualization and creation of background environments in various forms of entertainment, including films, games, and more. They work closely with concept artists, who provide input and inspiration for the background design. The 2D background artist then brings these concepts to life through painting and digital art. Their skills are in demand not only in the film, animation, VFX, and gaming industries but also in comics, advertising, and graphic design. These artists typically pursue a 2D animation course and may be employed full-time at design studios or media and entertainment companies, or they may choose to freelance.

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Typically, 2D background artists start their careers as junior artists, creating background plates for animations. Depending on the studio, their role may involve either creating backgrounds from scratch or enhancing existing ones. Most of the top animation companies in India have their studios in Hyderabad and the job opportunities for fresh animation talent in very high in this city.

Some of the key traits and skills that studios look for when hiring 2D background artist include, a passion for movies, advertising, gaming, and related fields; strong drawing and painting skills with a distinctive artistic style; expertise in photography, lighting, and composition; knowledge of various geographical features and terrains; proficiency in relevant software for digital art; keen observation skills and meticulous attention to detail; creativity and a keen sense of aesthetics and design; and effective communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.

When it comes to skill development, aspiring 2D background artists should have a solid foundation in drawing and painting.

They must master concepts such as form, perspective, lighting, and composition. Proficiency in digital art software like Adobe Photoshop, Animate CC, Krita, Toon Boom Harmony, and Toonz is essential. Familiarity with digital art tools, such as pen tablets, is also crucial. Many employers prefer candidates with diplomas or degrees in fine arts, visual arts, or related fields. Candidates pursuing the best animation courses and passing out of the top animation colleges in India are highly sought after by recruiters.

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To pursue a career in 2D background art, it’s important to build a strong portfolio showcasing your design skills. This portfolio should demonstrate your ability to create captivating background environments and serve as a key asset in landing your first job.

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As for career progression, 2D background artists typically start as junior artists, gaining experience and expertise as they work their way up to senior positions. From there, they may advance to roles like Art Director or Creative Director. Alternatively, some artists may choose to become freelancers, working independently with various clients or directors.