Job Opportunities And Career Progression In VFX- Creative Multimedia

Visual effects or VFX is the art of creating and altering imagery for a film or other moving media. It involves the integration of live-action footage with generated imagery using techniques such as matte painting, image compositing, rear and front screen projection and computer graphic environments, characters and objects. VFX is used to create environments which look realistic, but would be risky, expensive, or perhaps impossible to capture through live action filming. With advances in technology and availability of cutting-edge software/tools, VFX today has become virtually indispensable to all areas of entertainment including film production, television, commercials, animation, music videos, games and new media.

Job Opportunities and Career Progression

Visual effects practitioners can take on a range of jobs including Compositor, Rotoscoper / Roto Artist, Paint Artist, Match Move Artist, Concept Artist, VFX Runner, Matte Painter, DI/Colorist/Finisher, Stereo Compositor, Lighting Technical Director and VFX Supervisor. There are several levels for each function. For instance, a compositor can start as a Junior Compositor and progress to become a Compositor, Lead Compositor, Compositing Supervisor and 2D Supervisor. There are plenty of job opportunities and the salaries vary depending on the position, expertise, track-record and also on the geography (which part of the world one is working). Entry-level salaries start from Rs. 12000 – 15,000 and can go well beyond the Rs. 1 lakh mark depending on the talent and experience.

Top Recruiters

  • Film Production Houses
  • Gaming Studios
  • Television Channels
  • TV Commercial Production Houses
  • Digital Education Companies
  • Healthcare & Research Institutions

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