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What is multimedia animation course?

Animation Degree Colleges in Hyderabad

Animation is one of the many disciplines that are categorized under multimedia and therefore, it may be referred to as ‘multimedia animation’ at times by some, though the term ‘multimedia’ here is superfluous. In this context, and otherwise too, it should suffice to say ‘animation course’ instead of ‘multimedia animation course’.

This sets the tone for the remaining part of this answer.

Just as with other career programs or pathways that are available for aspirants to pursue, such as arts, commerce, humanities, and sciences, animation is a course or career program available for students with a flair for creativity, especially, for those passionate about filmmaking.

Animation as a course is one of the most popular career choices within the set of digital media and entertainment or multimedia courses that include Visual Effects (VFX), Gaming, and Graphic – UI/UX Design.

Typically, an animation course involves the study of transforming creative ideas, mostly stories, into moving images using the many techniques of animation such as Traditional Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Capture, Motion Graphics, and Stop Motion. Animation is used for a variety of purposes including entertainment, education, training, commerce, and advertising.

Globally, cinema and gaming, the two major verticals of the entertainment industry are the biggest employers of animation talent and therefore, the ideal and best animation courses are designed to meet the needs of these two sectors. Most of the aspirants who take up an animation courses are likely to be future filmmakers or gaming artists. Animation courses cater mostly to these aspirants.

A range of certificate, diploma, degree, and P.G. animation courses are available for aspirants either as independent animation courses or as part of other courses. Here below is a list of some courses:

B.A. in Animation, B.A. in Animation & VFX, B.A. in Animation & Multimedia, B.A. in Animation & Digital Filmmaking, B.A. in Animation & Graphic Design, B.A. in Multimedia, Bachelor of Visual Arts, B.Sc. in Animation, B.Sc. in Animation & Gaming, B.Sc. in Animation & VFX, B.Sc. in Animation, Graphics & VFX, B.Sc. in Multimedia, Animation & Graphic Design, B.Sc. in Multimedia & Animation, B.Sc. in Multimedia, M.A. in Animation, M.A. in Visual Communication, M.Sc. Computer Animation & Visual Effects, M.F.A. in Animation & Visual Effects, B.Des. in Animation, Diploma in Animation, Diploma in CG Animation, Certificate in 2D Animation, Certificate in 3D Animation.

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While students can pursue most of the animation diploma, certificate, and degree courses after 12th, some courses can be taken up after 10th class too. As for PG/Masters courses, students who’ve completed their degrees are eligible to apply. Some of the subjects in various animation degree courses and other diploma/certificate, PG courses include: Basics, History, & Principles of Animation, Classical Animation, Fundamentals of Art, Design, & Visualization, Principles of Design, Fundamentals of Photography,……….Traditional Arts & Digital Techniques, Computer-Based 2D Animation, Introduction to 3D, Multimedia & Computer Graphics, Digital Editing and Motion Graphics, Bio-Mechanics, Digital Animation by Flash,………Basic Shapes,