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  • Chasing A Career In Graphic Design?


    Here are some vital tips and trivia to consider before taking the plunge.

    Graphic Design has evolved significantly since the advent and proliferation of Desk Top Publishing in the early eighties. Today, with cutting-edge design software and applications, Graphic Design has morphed into an indispensable tool for the digital media industry. From the face of your favourite online shopping portal to the visual theme of your whatsapp and facebook page, the cover design of your treasured novel, the beautiful model amidst colourful graphics on the giant roadside hoarding, the titles/credits appearing before and after the film in your neighbourhood multiplex and the design on your T-shirt, Graphic Design is the creative force that’s invading every sphere of life. Hardly a surprise that it’s turned into a major industry vertical offering myriad jobs and attracting scores of aspiring artists.

    A career in Graphic Design is amongst the most sought-after with incredible growth prospects. Outstanding talent can expect very high pay packets in this industry which places great value on creative brilliance. In fact, there is no limit to the earning potential when it comes to creative brilliance. Nevertheless, a job here is as demanding as it is rewarding. Before considering a career in Graphic Design and scouting for a job, one must spend generous time in learning the how the graphic design sector functions, carefully analyze career suitability and job adaptability factors, and understand the in-demand design skills and traits vital to building a strong foundation in this highly creative field.

    In a nutshell, the traits critical to building a career in Graphic Design include: flair for creativity, extreme eye-for-detail, patience to cope with rejections and re-work, ability to rise to the occasion in challenging situations and the inquisitiveness to learn and stay updated on emerging trends influencing the craft. The technical skills vital to surviving and prospering in this competitive industry include: expertise in latest design software, thorough knowledge of colour palettes, typography, layouts, and design standards, familiarity with special tools and resources employed in creating artworks/designs, working knowledge in post-design tasks: for instance, post-production in print design and most importantly, the ability to translate a brief into powerful visual communication.

    There are millions of graphic designers in India and across the world. Most of them have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Diploma in Graphic Design. Most of them work for advertising agencies and graphic design studios. The profession is ideal and attractive for both men and women with a creative bent of mind. The average starting salary for a Graphic Designer (Trainee) in India is about Rs. 1,80,000 per year. Over time and with experience, one can progress to become a Visualizer and an Art Director. With high demand for Graphic Designers, there are plenty of new jobs in the industry. This ensures good prospects for career aspirants. Today, apart from advertising, Animation and VFX studios are also hiring Graphic Designers in large numbers followed by Web Design companies and MNCs having their own, in-house advertising wing.

    Importantly, quality training at the best multimedia training institute can help hone one’s design skills and being job-ready. Identifying the best graphic design training institute in Hyderabad or across India is easy today as comprehensive information is available online. Almost every multimedia institute has an online presence with their websites offering complete information on training programs and fees.

    With a bright future ahead, excellent career growth prospects, enriching learning opportunities, opportunity to collaborate with some of the most creative minds on a range of interesting and challenging projects, handsome earnings potential, and the sheer joy of doing what one loves, a Graphic Design job could be far more than exciting than one would expect.

  • Smart Tools And Swift Advances Are Reshaping The Future Of Web Design


    New trends are emerging on the Web Design horizon as the world accelerates into the future. A host of developments including dynamic tools, adaptive interfaces and interactive applications are influencing the practice of web design.

    WordPress, Task runners like Gulp and Grunt, Resources such as Raumrot, Picjumbo and Unsplash (free stock pics, etc.) are all emerging tools that are enabling greater ease and effectiveness of website design. Advanced platforms/devices are altering the dynamics of online access. It’s certainly a challenge to keep abreast with this rapidly changing creative World as many of these demand a high degree of technology as well as Graphic Design skills.

    Irrespective of the tools, techniques and skills employed to build a website, a user-friendly experience is what matters the most in web design. Minimalist design with simple, yet stylish fonts, captivating images and responsive UI add power to the appeal of a website.

    Attracting the attention of viewers and engaging them is critical to the success of a website. Adding ‘call-to-action’ buttons are critical to driving conversions. Advanced web design training helps one to stay updated with these trends. Using spellbinding, HD images is one way to captivate the viewer. Slow loading time is no more a concern now with new advances in data compression and bandwidth. Animation and live-action videos can be employed on each page in a way that enhances the content on each page.

    Nevertheless, ensuring a clutter-free look is important. Sufficient care must be taken to avoid elements that distract or repel viewers. Scroll features that are easy on the eye is another important facet of a good web design. In most cases, horizontal scrolls are not very user-friendly. Nevertheless, it all depends on the page content and visual concept.

    Most importantly, with website usage patterns witnessing a decisive shift from conventional devices to new devices, and with the emergence of advanced multimedia platforms to host content, adaptive design is now the order of the day. Fewer people are accessing websites on the internet through the conventional desktops/laptops.

    Studies indicate that more and more visitors are using their mobile phone to go online. The reasons are simple 1. Handy device with greater mobility, 2. Ease of use with the Touch Screen feature and 3. Other unmatched features such as GPS etc. which are not offered by desktops/laptops, Website design now needs to adopt a mobile-friendly approach with mobile-optimized UI while also ensuring multi-device adaptability to engage users better.

    This ever-evolving field offers spectacular career opportunities as an online presence in now indispensable to business. For web designers keen on building a future in this field, the key to success is a strong foundation in the fundamentals of the discipline which can be acquired only at the best multimedia training institutes.

  • Trends Influencing Animation- Creative Multimedia Dilsukhnagar


    Exciting opportunities for career aspirants!

    Conventionally, Animation as a discipline has been associated with entertainment, more specifically films and multimedia content. Today, animation enjoys high demand not just in the exciting sphere of entertainment but across disciplines from business to science, technology, education and research.

    More recently, 3D printing is an emerging area where Animation is generating fresh demand. 3D printing helps in speedy fabrication. Special-effects studios, film production units and game designers use 3D Animation to execute their projects faster. In fact, Animation Studios across the world, especially in Hollywood are increasingly embracing 3D printing to make films. For instance, studios are using 3D-printed props to build the environment for specific shots in their films. Some of the best animation institutes around the world are incorporating 3D Printing in their curriculum to cater to this growing demand.

    Importantly, in an increasingly digitized world, CG (2D Animation & 3D Animation) is significantly influencing communication in the ever-evolving digital media from television programming to mobile apps, web design and more. Today, many Mobile Applications and Websites feature 3D Animation in their UI to engage the viewer/audience.

    Nevertheless, entertainment, especially films, videos and gaming generate the bulk of demand for Animation. With spectacular advances in the discipline, the line between live action and animation is increasingly getting blurred as Hollywood films such as ‘Life of Pi’ and more recently ‘Dawn of the planet of the Apes’ have demonstrated. Thanks to technology, Animation as a craft is capable of digitally impersonating a real character or mimicking an original environment in a highly realistic manner.

    These developments are enhancing the quality of digital media content and driving greater acceptance of Animation as a craft even as it finds more and more applications across industries. Meanwhile, Animation is acquiring greater craft-value in its biggest and most prolific driver ‘The global entertainment industry’. As a result, the job market is witnessing a surge in demand for animation artists. A range of new specializations are emerging each day to cater to the evolving demands of the industry.

    As the Animation industry leaps into the next orbit of growth, fresh, well-trained CG talent is the need of the hour. The industry needs job-ready animation artists to meet the growing demand. The best animation training institute is what every discerning career aspirant seeks to build a strong foundation and leverage the abundance of rewarding job opportunities.

    For those passionate about Animation as a career, enrolling at the best animation institute in Hyderabad or anywhere across India is the key to improving one’s opportunities. The best animation academy is one which offers the best infrastructure, mentoring and placement opportunities. With access to the world at the click of a button, it’s not difficult to identify the best institutes. The best animation training almost certainly leads to the best job opportunities provided one is passionate about building a future in this exciting field.

  • Buzzword That Revolutionizing Media Industry-MULTIMEDIA-In Creative Multimedia


    In today’s digitally enabled era, multimedia is the magic wand that’s creating incredible opportunities to communicate, entertain and promote business. On a fundamental level, multimedia refers to content such as images/photographs, text, audio, video, animation and a slew of other interactive content that can be used in multiple combinations. Rich media or interactive media and hyper media are off-shoots of multimedia which help enhance the content in multimedia applications.

    Widely used across industries such as advertising, entertainment, education, journalism, healthcare, engineering and infrastructure to name a few, multimedia is the buzz word that’s propelling business, art and entertainment forward. It’s an industry in itself, expanding rapidly with innovative and dynamic applications revolutionizing the very way we live, interact and entertain. What’s more, with a wide range of exciting applications and surging demand for this technology, multimedia demands a large force of creative talent. Reason why this sector is throwing open a sky of job opportunities for well-trained multimedia talent from Animation artists, to VFX artists, Graphic Designers and Web Designers.

    Multimedia is vital to the functioning of several industries today. It finds major application in the entertainment industry especially in movies and video games where 3D Animation and Visual Effects are deployed. The Advertising industry depends on multimedia for most of its creative output. The education industry leverages media convergence to build rich content for digitally-enabled training programs. The broadcast sector, especially television channels embrace multimedia to deliver live, on-the-ground news coverage and special presentations that can be broadcast across the world. Software engineers employ multimedia for computer-simulated entertainment and training purposes while research and medical professionals use it for modelling and simulation.

    The applications are endless and so are the opportunities for multimedia talent. Youngsters taking up courses in Animation, VFX, Graphic Design and Web Design can look forward to exciting jobs in the multimedia world. Virtually every industry today requires trained multimedia talent to run the show. Multimedia training institutes in India offer a range of programs to shape fresh talent for this ever-evolving industry. Freshers seeking to build a future in this field enjoy the advantage of receiving world class multimedia training with advanced training infrastructure and top-class mentoring.

    Multimedia is growing at a phenomenal pace, accelerated by rapidly-evolving technology and new applications every day that are creating disruptive change. With such prolific growth, the industry needs a steady stream of qualified creative talent on a regular basis to keep pace with change and compete effectively in the market. As a result, multimedia talent are the biggest beneficiaries of this development