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Creative Multimedia Academy Digital Media Academy In India
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Best UI/UX Designing Course


UI/UX Design - a lucrative career option

The demand for UI/UX Designers has been skyrocketing over the years. Several studies show that UI/UX design features among the top-10, highest-paying entry-level jobs across the world. With billions of websites and apps that are only growing in number each day, the world needs more and more UI/UX Designers as they play a critical role in shaping these digital products, making them more appealing and user-friendly while helping businesses/clients gain a competitive edge.

Today, UI/UX Designers can apply their skills to any product (digital and physical) and are in demand across industries from retail and e-commerce to manufacturing, telecom, fintech, media and entertainment, and more. With the advent of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and voice technology, UI/UX Designers have a greater role to play in the world of business as job opportunities are growing by the day. UI/UX Design is a popular career path with vital career advantages including flexibility, job security, high salary, and growth opportunities.

User Interface and Experience Design (UI/UX)

Creative Multimedia's User Interface & User Experience Design (UI-UX Design) is a comprehensive course that trains students on all aspects of user interface and user experience design to make them job ready.

The training helps students develop enhanced visual sense to make right design choices while providing guidance to create digital visual user interface for applications on mobile, web and PC. Training is provided on all aspects of User Experience design with the opportunity for students to create a unique portfolio site that showcases their personality, projects, and writing.



UX Design Overview
Basics of Usability
UXD Process and Workflow
UX Research Phase
UX Design Phase
Validation and Implementation Phase
UX Design Portfolio
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Element of User Interface (UI) Design
Pillars of UI Design
Dashboards and Data Visualization
UI Design for Mobile Devices, Web and Software
Web Technology for UI Designers
Wireframing and Prototype for UI Design
Usability and Testing for UI Design
UI Design Portfolio
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