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Creative Multimedia Academy Digital Media Academy In India
Creative Multimedia Academy Digital Media Academy In India
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Graphic Design Course

From hoardings and signages to product packaging, websites and mobile phone apps, the work of a graphic designer is visible everywhere. Good graphic design requires a strong background in visual arts, an eye for detail, and a keen sense of colour and composition.

The demand for graphic and web design skills is expected to grow at an exponential rate leading to a surge in jobs for well-trained graphic designers. If you are creative at heart and envision a future in design, this course can turn you into a professional. Learn to design graphics for websites, digital advertisements, marketing collateral, and more with Creative Multimedia’s Graphic Design Course.

Graphic Design Course Modules


Learn design & graphics for print and web media and create corporate video presentations

Fundamentals of Art and Design
Fundamentals of Color Design
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
Digital Raster Graphics
Digital Vector Graphics
Print Media Design
Digital Illustrations
Digital Painting
Matte Painting
Page layout and Design