What is the salary of a multimedia artist in India?

Multiple factors affecting pay, beginning with the multimedia course – animation; VFX; Gaming; Graphic Design; and UI/UX Design, the reputation of the multimedia academy, and the starting salary or placement package.

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Salaries for multimedia professionals (if that’s what you are enquiring about) depend on skill, experience, employer, job location, and other factors.

In the last few years, salaries for experienced employees with professional multimedia training have been growing significantly even as entry-level packages for freshers are rising considerably.

Depending on the academic level and quality standard of multimedia courses in India that are pursued by career aspirants, entry-level salaries may vary for different candidates. For instance, a student who has completed a diploma/certificate program may be offered a lower package compared to someone who has completed a graduate program, while candidates who are through with their PG programs attract far higher pay packets.

Salaries also vary depending on the candidate’s skill/sector specialization – for instance, the pay may be different for animation artists, VFX artists, gaming artists, and UI/UX designers. Experience is a vital factor in deciding pay. Employers prefer candidates who have substantial experience (in case of freshers…..internship experience) as they are likely to bring more value to the table.

As with other jobs, multimedia salaries also depend on the employers. A multinational giant with a global presence is likely to pay higher for the same job as compared to a relatively smaller, local/regional organization.

Salaries also vary based on the job location. Jobs in developed countries such as USA or UK typically pay far more than the same jobs in developing countries such as India and China.

Importantly, the reputation and stature of the training institute play a critical role in determining the salary for freshers. A student who has passed out of a recently set up multimedia institution with basic infrastructure may not be as fortunate as a student passing out of an award-winning, top multimedia college that has over 20 years of solid experience, has trained thousands of students, and offers MNC campus placements through its ramified recruiter network.

Campus placements at top multimedia institutes are a world apart as they typically attract the biggest and the best recruiters from diverse industries, thus ensuring better job placements and packages.

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