What is 2D Layout Art?

What is the role of a 2D Layout Artist in animation, what are the job opportunities, and what is the animation course fee an aspirant must invest in to receive professional training?

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Generally, 2D layout art refers to all forms of visual art that exist in two dimensions such as drawings/sketches, paintings, and photographs. In the fields of animation, filmmaking, and gaming production, the role of a 2D layout artist bears a resemblance to that of a cinematographer, involving the visual interpretation and composition of a shot outlined in a storyboard through drawings. Layout art is a specialized role that requires art skills and filmmaking knowledge which can be gained through training. Some of the best animation institutes in India offer industry-oriented short term and long term courses in animation.

In a standard 2D animation workflow, the storyboard artist develops individual scenes with specific camera angles. The layout artist then reconstructs the entire scene as a black-and-white rendered visual, seeking the director’s approval before refining the scene by adding color and adjusting camera movements. While this work shares similarities with that of a background artist, the duties can slightly differ between studios. Despite the tasks being alike, they occur at distinct stages within the animation pipeline. Generally, newcomers fresh from college are assigned simpler tasks such as drawing or painting backgrounds already designed by other artists.

Some of the qualifications required to become a 2D layout artist include a passion for films, games, advertising, and related fields; proficiency in drawing and the ability to work in various styles; creativity and storytelling skills; visual interpretation capabilities; understanding of image composition, camera knowledge, perspective, scale, and lighting; and communication skills.

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These skills are best gained by pursuing professional courses offered by top animation colleges in Hyderabad; the city is the animation hub of India with scores of production houses dotting the landscape. The course fee is relatively affordable and depends largely on the type of course and the animation school offering the course.

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Students who pursue a structured animation course go on to find job opportunities in the industry. Typically, recruiters look for candidates with a background in fine arts or visual arts with a solid foundation in drawing, painting, digital drawing tools, and proficiency in relevant software like Adobe Photoshop, Animate CC, Krita, Toon Boom Harmony, Toonz, etc.

When it comes to targeting a job, creating an impressive demo reel showcasing your best work is crucial to exhibiting your capabilities to potential employers. A concise resume including credentials with emphasis on skills relevant to the job is a must. Also, a customized cover letter can significantly boost your candidacy.

A career in 2D layout art offers significant growth prospects and talented, experienced artists attract excellent salaries. A typical career progression may go this way: > Junior 2D Layout Artist > Senior 2D Layout Artist > Senior Art Director > Creative Director.