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What is 2D Animation?

What are the skills required to become a 2D Animator and is an animation degree course ideal for someone looking to build a career in filmmaking?

2D animation is the art of creating movement in a two-dimensional space through characters, creatures, FX, and backgrounds, typically for films, advertisements, and other purposes. It is created by professionally trained and talented 2D animators who typically pursue an industry-acknowledged diploma in animation or a degree course.

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2D animators leverage their blend of creativity, artistry, and technological proficiency to craft two-dimensional moving visuals for diverse purposes like entertainment, education, and training. Collaborating with clients and team members such as art directors, graphic designers, editors, and fellow artists, they grasp project objectives, constructing storyboards and 2D animations for a spectrum of mediums-films, videos, websites, and games.

Their duties encompass creating and integrating characters, backgrounds, frame transitions, action graphics, and audio while refining the animation through multiple iterations to align with the creative brief. Notable examples of 2D animation include flip books, iconic cartoons like Tom and Jerry, and explanatory videos commonly found on websites. Typically, 2D animators operate within small design firms, studios or function as independent contractors. Working hours are variable, dependent on project timelines and individual roles, often stretching beyond standard office hours during looming project deadlines. Although predominantly studio-based, some assignments may necessitate travel.

Top animation institutes in India

The key qualities that hirers expect from 2D animators include passion for art, animation, and filmmaking; drawing and storytelling abilities; creativity and attention to detail, communication skills; mastery of standard image editing, design, and 2D animation software; familiarity with style guides, color palettes, and video file formats.

As for skill development, most 2D animators typically enter the field with a diploma / fine arts degree, a degree in visual arts, graphic design, animation, multimedia design, or related disciplines. While formal qualifications are not obligatory, the knowledge and skills acquired through education play a crucial role and passionate candidates typically scout for the best animation school / college to enroll in a course. During the program, gaining proficiency in software tools like Adobe Photoshop, AnimateCC, FreeHand, Krita, and similar programs is vital. Undertaking an internship can significantly aid in securing a job and hitting the ground running.

Recruiters seeking animation talent typically hire at top animation institutes in India and seek candidates with some level of production experience, emphasizing both technical and artistic skills. A compelling showreel is highly recommended, showcasing one’s best 2D animation works in a concise format (around sixty seconds). Augmenting this with a professional resume and a cover letter can help bolster one’s candidacy.

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A career in 2D Animation offers good scope for professional and personal growth. 2D animation artists usually embark on their careers in junior roles, progressing with experience to senior positions involving more managerial responsibilities and reduced hands-on animation tasks.