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Which course is best for animation?

Animation is a growing, evolving discipline with brisk technological and business developments frequently altering the industry landscape. This is positively influencing the job market with a direct bearing on the education sector. While the market is growing, job requirements too are evolving as fresh roles emerge to meet the new order.

Animation degree colleges in Hyderabad

Established animation training institutes in India are continuously updating their existing curriculum even as new courses are being designed to meet the changing talent needs of recruiters. These industry-aligned revisions are impacting diploma, certificate, degree, and PG programs.

Worldover, this is the trend. In India, Animation degree colleges in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and other cities are offering a range of short-term and long-term animation courses designed to help career aspirants transform into animation professionals equipped with the current knowledge and skills that recruiters seek.

These include focused animation courses as well as integrated, combination courses such as the Degree in Animation and Visual Effects which is a popular program at the graduate level along with programs such as Masters in Animation and VFX at the PG level.

Integrated, combination courses account for the bulk of in-demand animation courses. This is because animation and VFX are deeply related to each other and have many common/overlapping areas in terms of job skills. This is why a Degree in Animation and VFX is one of the most popular career pathways for animation (and VFX) career aspirants.

All said and done, just as with other career programs, there is no animation course that may be billed ‘the best’. It all depends on one’s current education level, career goal, and of course, the institution imparting the course. The best course in animation is therefore, the one that best meets your goals. Across levels, here is a list of courses to explore:


> Bachelor of Animation > Bachelor of Visual Arts (Animation)

> BA – Animation (Hons) > B.A. – 3D Animation & Games (Hons)

> BA – Computer Character Animation > B.A. – Computer Games Animation

> BA – Animation & Multimedia > B.A. – Animation & CG Arts

> BA – Animation & Graphic Design > B.A. – Digital Filmmaking & Animation

> BFA – Animation/Illustration > B.F.A. – Animation, Graphics, & Web Design

> BSc – Animation > B.Sc. – Animation & Gaming

> BSc – Animation & VFX > B.Sc. – Animation & Multimedia

> B.Des. Animation > B. Des (3D Animation) > B. Des (Animation & Interactive Media)

> B. Des Innovation – Animation & Visual Effects


> M.Sc. – Animation & VFX > M.A. – Animation & Multimedia


> Diploma in 2D Animation > Diploma in 3D Animation > Diploma in Digital Animation


> Certificate in 2D Animation > Certificate in 3D Animation

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