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What is Digital Ink & Paint?

All you need to know about chasing a future in Digital Ink & Paint; advantages of taking up an advanced animation course before entering the animation industry.

Within the realm of traditional hand-drawn animation, the completion of the animation drawing leads to the crucial stage of colouring, historically handled by a specialized paint or inking artist. This traditional process has undergone a digital transformation, as artists now utilize software-based platforms to execute the colouring stage, resembling digital painting. Beginners typically handle simpler projects and gradually progress to more complex tasks as they gain experience. Multimedia institutes across India offer animation courses after 10th for aspiring candidates.

Animation courses after 10th

To become a Digital Ink and Paint artist, one must be passionate about painting, digital art, and related fields. Proficiency in both traditional and digital painting techniques along with an understanding of light, color, and composition is essential. A professional digital ink and paint artist must also possess a blend of artistic and technical skills. Attention to detail with a sharp observational eye, artistic sensibility regarding colour and aesthetics, time-management skills, and a willingness to continuously explore and learn are also key job requirements.

Acquiring subject knowledge and skills is vital to securing a job. Prospective Digital Ink and Paint artists are highly valued for possessing a fine arts degree or an advanced diploma/ degree in animation and VFX. Alongside formal qualifications, gaining some practical experience through internships or apprenticeships is advantageous. Regular practice using pen tablets, akin to traditional painting methods, is vital. Technical proficiency in digital painting software like Toon Boom Harmony, Animate CC, Toonz, among others, is crucial.

Post training, career aspirants will do well to build an attractive portfolio when applying for roles in Digital Ink and Paint. A comprehensive digital art portfolio exhibiting a wide array of artistic and technical skills is pivotal in securing a job. Technical expertise holds significant importance in this profession and these skills need to be highlighted in the portfolio.

Advanced animation course

A job in Digital Ink and Paint comes with learning and growth opportunities. Freshers typically commence in junior roles and progress to senior positions with experience. While starting as a junior Digital Ink and Paint artist, advancement to a senior artist position involves largely similar tasks.

Best animation institutes in India

Freshers may earn anywhere between Rs 2 lakhs to Rs. 3 lakhs per annum while senior artists with over 5 years experience can expect salaries in the range of Rs. 6 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs per annum. The remuneration depends on a variety of factors including the candidate, the employer, and the job location. A candidate passing out of the best animation institute in India has an edge over his/her peers in terms of training and placements.