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Take the multimedia track and zip along the career expressway?

You are young, dreaming of a bright future, and eager to kickstart your career. You are raring to train up and move up in life. You are looking at something that’s fun and not too heavily academic. You also expect it to be a dynamic field that offers a good pay and stable growth. But then, the world presents a plethora of career options that has you confused. So how do you wriggle out of this muddle and pick the right one? Here’s what many of your peers are likely to choose: multimedia.

Very few pathways are as exciting as multimedia. One look at the multimedia course details of any college and you’ll get a fair idea of the career prospects. It’s a creative field with multiple streams leading to good job opportunities across industries and verticals. It’s one of the few jobs that are in demand across the globe. What’s more, going by past trends and considering the prospects of multimedia which is gaining increasing importance in this disruptive digital age, you can expect high job growth.

Multimedia is a favorite career choice amongst those who are creative at heart and love new challenges every day. It’s a pretty vast terrain with lots of interesting paths from art, design, and graphics on a general level to Animation, Visual Effects (VFX), Gaming, Graphic Design, Web and Mobile Design (UI&UX Design) in particular. All these tracks lead to a variety of job opportunities in the digital media and entertainment industry.

Animation and VFX for instance are vital to the film and advertising industries worldwide. Hitherto, Animation and VFX artists were recruited in large numbers mostly by the digital media and entertainment industry, but the situation has undergone a sea change as technological advancements and digital trends have expanded their application to emerging areas such as education, healthcare, training/simulation, and more. Today artists specializing in Animation and VFX are in high demand and attracting handsome pay in sectors other than media and entertainment. There are plenty of professional training institutions and the animation and VFX course fees are affordable too.

Gaming is another multimedia track that is hugely popular among career aspirants looking for a job that’s exciting and rewarding at the same time. What’s more, it is a massive industry worldwide and is far bigger than the film industry. Gaming offers youngsters like you the opportunity to drive into the career fast lane and reap rich rewards on the professional and personal fronts. Game art is a major movement across the globe and gaming artists attract some of the best salaries in multimedia.

And then there’s the evergreen Graphic Design track. It’s hard to think of any business that can survive and race ahead of the competition without being fuelled by graphic design. Just as with other multimedia tracks, there’s plenty of excitement here too; scores of interesting job opportunities, good pay and career growth, and the security that comes with knowing that many graphic designers around the world are enjoying a stable career.

Lately, web and mobile as a career choice is making a lot of noise in the job market. Job boards are filled with positions seeking UI & UX designers. Leading enterprises around the world are hiring for UI & UX positions in big numbers. The demand for this skill set is so high that salaries are shooting through the roof. In fact, there is a dearth of experienced talent and companies are willing to pay a premium for candidates with proven industry exposure.

In line with the growing demand for multimedia artists, many institutes are offering courses to cater to the talent needs of recruiters. These courses include short-term and long-term courses. Many institutions are offering diploma, certificate, degree, and PG programs in multimedia. The programs are also offered with specializations in Animation, VFX, Gaming, Graphic Design, and UI-UX design.

Given the importance of your career, it’s advisable to choose carefully and join a good college to pursue your chosen program. While there are many parameters to assess the worth of a college, the first box to tick is the track-record and history. Institutions with experience of at least 10 years are a safe bet. Also, the placements are a good indicator of the training standards and commitment of the college. Institutions that have in-house placement programs and attract MNC recruiters give you a better shot at a job.

A good institute also works on “Enhancing Employability” and preparing you for a career and not just a job. Be it a VFX, Gaming, or an animation institute, you will find that the passionate ones are always working on an array of training initiatives and value additions to help you hone your skills and stay job-ready. Look out for colleges that have a good library and infrastructure such as labs. Also prioritize colleges that frequently organize workshops, masterclasses, arts events, and other enriching off-class sessions.

If you are ready to consider a future in this field, here’ wishing you good luck for your multimedia career. Swerve into the multimedia track and race your way to success on the career expressway.