Can I join animation after 12th?

Certainly. You can enroll in an animation course after 12th class. Animation is an in-demand course, and the field offers good scope for enjoying job satisfaction while achieving career growth.

Animation is the art of infusing life into a sequence of static images and creating the illusion of motion by displaying the images at a rapid pace, typically at 24 frames per second. Animation is widely used by filmmakers and game companies.

As a business sector, animation is growing every year as it is finding applications in new fields. Hitherto, animation was largely restricted to media & entertainment, and advertising. Today, animation is gaining importance in other non-entertainment fields such as education, training, and healthcare.

A study reveals that the size of the animation market is projected to zoom past $580 billion by the year 2030. This points to the need for well-trained animation talent and the potential for animation education after 12th class for students in India.

With new animation studios and film production companies springing up all over the country to leverage the demand for animation, and with more projects being generated across new, non-entertainment industries, a surge in jobs for animation artists is expected. Pursuing an animation course after 12th class makes sense at this juncture as the career prospects look bright for talented aspirants who are extremely passionate about this craft.

Several animation courses are being offered across the country and the animation course fee depends on whether it is short-term or long-term.

To learn animation, Hyderabad is the best destination. Specifically, there are scores of animation training institutes in Dilsukhnagar. However, it is important to exercise caution when choosing the right institute as it is your career and your future that are at stake.

Do your homework, identify the best animation institute in Hyderabad, consult the career counsellor, understand the options, pick the right animation course that meets your career goal, and enroll in it. Rest assured, you are on your way to a succesfull future in animation.