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What is creativity in line with multimedia?

The query seems to be about understanding the importance of creativity as a skill in the sphere of multimedia …or… ‘how creativity helps shape/influence multimedia’. If this is the crux of the question, then be assured that ‘creativity’ plays an instrumental role in shaping multimedia.

Essentially, multimedia is a mode of artistic expression or communication. It is a channel/system of communication, information, or entertainment. Technically, Multimedia can be defined as the seamless blend of different content forms such as text, images, audio, video, animation, and graphics to create and communicate (typically interactive, and delivered through electronic/digitally manipulated means), for a variety of purposes such as advertising, education, training, or entertainment.

Creativity may be applied to multimedia in two ways – the message or the media. So it can be either through the discrete forms of content that collectively constitute the media, or through the channel/platform…the way it is delivered. Take for instance, the bestselling book “Exciting Careers in Digital Media” published by the best digital media academy in India – Creative Multimedia Group, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad.

While the content in the book comprises text, images, and graphics which are produced using creative thoughts and skills, the book (in addition to the physical copy) is available as an e-book (PDF file). This file which is a form of multimedia can be shared through email, available for viewing or downloading through a link on the internet, or delivered through some new media which requires creative/innovative thinking.

Creativity is therefore a key component of multimedia which is today, an in-demand career pathway: Animation, VFX, Gaming, and Graphic & UI/UX Design are some of the most sought-after career programs. All these multimedia courses require a high level of creativity and technical prowess which can be gained through formal training at reputed institutes. Some of the best multimedia institutes in India are in Hyderabad. The city, billed as the multimedia hub of India is dotted with scores of multimedia training centres inlcuding top animation and VFX training institutes in India.