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Trends Influencing Animation- Creative Multimedia Dilsukhnagar

Exciting opportunities for career aspirants!

Conventionally, Animation as a discipline has been associated with entertainment, more specifically films and multimedia content. Today, animation enjoys high demand not just in the exciting sphere of entertainment but across disciplines from business to science, technology, education and research.

More recently, 3D printing is an emerging area where Animation is generating fresh demand. 3D printing helps in speedy fabrication. Special-effects studios, film production units and game designers use 3D Animation to execute their projects faster. In fact, Animation Studios across the world, especially in Hollywood are increasingly embracing 3D printing to make films. For instance, studios are using 3D-printed props to build the environment for specific shots in their films. Some of the best animation institutes around the world are incorporating 3D Printing in their curriculum to cater to this growing demand.

Importantly, in an increasingly digitized world, CG (2D Animation & 3D Animation) is significantly influencing communication in the ever-evolving digital media from television programming to mobile apps, web design and more. Today, many Mobile Applications and Websites feature 3D Animation in their UI to engage the viewer/audience.

Nevertheless, entertainment, especially films, videos and gaming generate the bulk of demand for Animation. With spectacular advances in the discipline, the line between live action and animation is increasingly getting blurred as Hollywood films such as ‘Life of Pi’ and more recently ‘Dawn of the planet of the Apes’ have demonstrated. Thanks to technology, Animation as a craft is capable of digitally impersonating a real character or mimicking an original environment in a highly realistic manner.

These developments are enhancing the quality of digital media content and driving greater acceptance of Animation as a craft even as it finds more and more applications across industries. Meanwhile, Animation is acquiring greater craft-value in its biggest and most prolific driver ‘The global entertainment industry’. As a result, the job market is witnessing a surge in demand for animation artists. A range of new specializations are emerging each day to cater to the evolving demands of the industry.

As the Animation industry leaps into the next orbit of growth, fresh, well-trained CG talent is the need of the hour. The industry needs job-ready animation artists to meet the growing demand. The best animation training institute is what every discerning career aspirant seeks to build a strong foundation and leverage the abundance of rewarding job opportunities.

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