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Arena's industry-leading Animation courses are carefully designed to match industry needs as well as individual career goals. An array of short-term and long-term courses are currently available for your consideration. Depending upon your career choice, you may pursue industry-oriented courses in Animation and VFX, Multimedia and Web Design. All the courses are refined, updated and advanced versions offering in-depth coverage of topics in line with industry requirements.

The courses also come with many important and exclusive value-additions designed to enrich the learning experience, give you the competitive edge and make you globally employable. On successful completion of these in-demand courses, students can look forward to highly rewarding careers in virtually every field of business from Media and Entertainment to Infrastructure, Healthcare, Education, etc.

Arena Animation International Program - Broadcast

Creative skills & knowledge in high-end designing software is all you need to make it big in the television industry. The Indian broadcast television industry was estimated at Rs. 47,500 crores in 2014, and is expected to be Rs. 97,500 crores in 2019*. This growth will lead to an increase in the number of jobs and demand for trained & certified designers to create engaging motion visuals for communication, entertainment, edutainment, and commercial programs for broadcast.

Arena's AAIP Broadcast trains you in all aspects of designing for broadcast and makes you job-ready. You learn fundamentals and techniques of graphic animation, live-footages, music, sound, electronic & interactive media, and latest tools and technologies used in the broadcast industry.



Develop your visualisation, graphic, and audio-video editing skills, and learn to design for broadcast.

Modules Tools
Concepts of Graphics & Illustrations -
Anatomy Study -
Typography Design -
Digital Illustrations Adobe Illustrator
Digital Painting Adobe Photoshop Extended
Digital Filmmaking Concepts
Sound Editing Adobe Audition
Video Editing Adobe Premier Pro & Adobe Prelude
Design Portfolio Project
You will get a Certificate in AAIP in Graphic & Visual Design (GVD) on completion of this semester.

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Learn 2D animation, motion graphics, scripting & storyboarding, and develop your own 2D animation portfolio.

Modules Tools
Concepts of 2D Animation -
Digital Pre-Production -
Storyboarding for Animation -
2D Motion Graphics in Flash Adobe Flash
2D Motion Graphics Portfolio Project


Learn 3D animation, visual effects & compositing, and develop your own broadcast design portfolio.

Modules Tools
3D Basics - Modeling to Animation -
Motion Graphics in 3Ds Max 3ds Max
Rendering with V-Ray 3ds Max with V-Ray
Broadcast Design Concepts & Structure
Broadcast Design using Cinema 4D Cinema 4D
Visual Effects and Compositing Adobe After Effects
Advanced Post Production Techniques Adobe Premiere Pro
Final Delivery - Web, Broadcast, Cinema Adobe Premiere Pro
Broadcast Design Portfolio Project
Get a Certificate in AAIP Advanced Animation on completion of the course.

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