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Foundation Classes

Dilsukhnagar Arena's students represent a broad socio-cultural diversity. It is not uncommon to find some of them initially wanting in one or more of the prerequisites of Animation. Dilsukhnagar Arena offers a range of foundation classes like Drawing, Computer Fundamentals and Spoken English in conjunction with the regular curricula to bring such pupils up to par with the class.

Learning Enhancement

EnhancementA vigilante team of Learning Enhancement officers is primarily involved in assessing and enhancing student learning and skills at Dilsukhnagar Arena. Calling upon their years of experience and unerring professional judgment, these professionals supplement students' ongoing academic preparation with profound practical advice and real world insights. Adopting a monitor-evaluate-improve approach, they engage students in one-to-one sessions to evoke in them a deeper appreciation of the art and craft of Animation.

The Learning Enhancement officers regularly assess the students, providing accurate feedback and suggesting specific instructional inputs to bridge lacunae in learning, if any. They also undertake end-semester project evaluation and demo reel guidance. Thus, lending a deft finishing touch to the students of Dilsukhnagar Arena and optimizing learning outcomes.

Seminars and Workshops

Dilsukhnagar Arena has a tradition of complementing classroom learning with compelling practical advice. Knowledge-sharing and interactive sessions by industry professionals are a regular feature at Dilsukhnagar Arena. These added inputs are sought to enrich student learning, expand their empirical knowledge, and empower their real world perspectives and insights. These co-curricular initiatives ensure that the students are better poised for challenging professional careers in Animation.

Personality Development

Recruiting organizations look not only for outstanding skill-sets, but also well-rounded personalities. To this end, Dilsukhnagar Arena offers its students Soft Skills Training and Interview Orientation sessions to make sure they reckon among the best choices for the choicest placements.