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About Us

21 years of Pixellence ®

Dilsukhnagar Arena surpassed 21 years in the field of Digital Media Education.

A 21 years of distinction is now our proud past. The promise of a fascinating future - to deliver it - shall be our prime calling henceforward.

We pledge to renew our commitment to excellence in every dimension of Digital Media Education. We hereby rededicate ourselves to going the extra mile to equip our current and future student generations with the vital edge in their careers.

Line of Vision

  • To be the benchmark for Digital Media Education & Training in India
  • To groom class-leading Animation professionals capable of contributing to knowledge creation in their domains
  • To continuously raise the standards of excellence in the chosen field
  • To be the front-runner in serving the escalating skill needs of the Animation industry


Animation is a multi-disciplinary art-science. It calls for a wide bouquet of skills from traditional art skills to articulation skills, storytelling to aesthetic appreciation, creativity to technical prowess... A complete Animation professional is one who has assimilated all the nuances and can apply them adroitly at the highest professional level. Such an individual qualifies for excellence in every dimension of Animation or, in one word, Pixellence®.

This is precisely the breed of Animation professionals that we strive to nurture at Arena Animation Dilsukhnagar. Thus our mission statement: In Pursuit of Pixellence®.


Here is a Management that is as passionate about Animation as you are. Sparing no efforts in bringing you the best of Animation Education. Earnestly going the extra mile so you enjoy the extra edge in your highly competitive career.

Dilsukhnagar Arena's enduring success has been built around an unflinching commitment to excellence in every dimension of Animation Education, and wholly uncompromising quality standards. These very values help Dilsukhnagar Arena command its pride of place in Animation Education & Training in India.

"An institution is the lengthened shadow of an individual"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rajasekhar B - Founder of Creative Multimedia Services. Dilsukhnagar Arena (Creative Multimedia) has come a long way since inception in 1998. From a diminutive multimedia training institute to India's Largest Digital Media Academy offering industry-focused animation training and VFX training apart from advanced web design training and graphic design training, the inspiring journey dotted with unrivaled achievements and accolades bears testimony to the profound vision of its Founder-CEO Raja Sekhar B.

A first-generation entrepreneur, his determination to create a shining paragon of academic excellence ensured that Dilsukhnagar Arena attracted the finest mentors and shared the dream of every student. The world-class campus gleaming with ultra-advanced infrastructure including a one-of-its-kind digital library reflects Raja Sekhar's uncompromising attitude towards offering a truly international learning experience.

Channelizing all his energies towards 'Enhancing Employability™ 'of students and creating exciting career opportunities for them, Raja Sekhar collaborated passionately on a string of outcome driven training paradigms, path-breaking value-additions and signature placement initiatives including 'ASET' (Advanced Skills Enhancement Training), 'DNA Inc.®' (Dilsukhnagar Arena Incubation) and 'Our Campus-Your Interviews' to open up a spectacular placement sky gleaming with the starry smiles of 23,000 super successful alumni.

By constantly striving to create benchmarks, Raja Sekhar infused inspiration into his team and built an enviable culture of academic excellence.